No Name WP No. Nature Dissemination level Delivery date
1.1 Algorithms for Safe Zone Construction 1 R PU M12
1.2 Theory and Optimisation of Safe Zone Construction 1 R PU M24
1.3 Integrated Local Summarisation and Modelling 1 R PU M30
1.4 Data Mining Tasks 1 R PU M34
2.1 Requirements for Privacy and Anonymity 2 R PU M12
2.2 Privacy-preserving Methods 2 R PU M30
3.1 Reference Architecture Definition 3 R PU M24
3.2 Distributed Protocols and Data Management 3 R PU M30
4.1 Scenarios Description and Requirements Analysis 4 R PU M18
4.2 Scenario Report 4 R PU M34
5.1 Evaluation Criteria 5 R PU M18
5.2 Final Evaluation 5 R PU M36
6.1 Project Fact Sheet 6 0 PU M3
6.2 Project web site 6 0 PU M3
6.3 Project Presentation 6 0 PU M3
6.4 Project Workshop 6 R PU M30
6.5 Report on Awareness and Wider Societal Implications 6 R CO M36
7.1 Quality Assurance Plan 7 R PU M6
7.2 1st Annual Project Report 7 R CO M12
7.3 2nd Annual Project Report 7 R CO M24
7.4 Final Project Report 7 R CO M36
7.5 Dissemination and Use Plan 7 R CO M36

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LIFT project flyer

The book chapter "Mobility Profiling" by M. NannyR. Trasarti, P. Cintia, B. Furletti, C. Renso, L. Gabrielli,S. Rinzivillo and F. Giannotti is published in Data Science and Simulation in Transportation Research, 2013.

The project workshop "First International Workshop on Big, Dynamic, Distributed Data (BD3)" is held in conjunction with VLDB'2013, August, 2013 in Trento, Italy.

The next meeting is 29. August 2013 in Riva del Garda, Trento, Italy.